Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gnomefather's Engine sounds 0.612

-Atempt at trying to make some of the missing tank sounds work
Just want to tell that this is an issue I can't guarantee I will always have fixed, as to me, the mentioned engines all work fine with sound, but to some, they don't. So don't blame me.
-Also, I forgot to mention in other changelog, but the LTTB and the AMX-30's should have engine sound too now.

With Radio

New in 0.61
-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-Some minor tweaks to the Tiger engine and Russian V-12 engines

With Radio

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

-Freezing at the beginning of a battle should be fixed now

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

Download without

I suggest to do this if you want to play WoT with my sound mods:
1. Delete all the nation folders in "res_mods/0.9.8/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/"
2. Download this: res_mods for HRGS 1.963 (without
3. Put the downloaded folder into the main WoT folder
I can't do much now as I have a final tomorrow
The thing about this is that some cannons will have default sound.

-Hopefully no more stopping at loading screen

Download HR Gun Sounds 1.9631

Download without

-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-A few tweaks that I can't even remember