Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WoT RU PR manager

Теперь у меня новый представитель на RU WoT кластере, который занимается переводами и так же модами. Его зовут Роман Пичурин, ник в игре на ру серверах "ath4".
Тема на РУ форуме созданная Lemon96 не являеется обновляемой или активной, из-за невозможности связи с автором

I now have a proper PR manager for the RU WoT community that takes care of translations and such regarding the mods, named Roman Pichurin or "ath4" ingame.
The thread on RU forum created by Lemon96 is not updated anymore due to inactivity from the user

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.7 (0.9.10v2)

New in 0.7
-New sound for the Leyland engines of the Matilda
-New sound for the Bedford engines of the Churchill tank.
-New sound for Type 62 and other tanks sharing similar engine(12150L3, Type 102)
-New sound for french light tanks and low tier artillery.
-Old ELC sound added as alternative script, including the FV304 now.
-Added sound for M4 Revalorisé
-Added alternate M551 Sheridan sound for T49(also including M41 Walker Bulldog, M44 and T69 due to sharing top engine) found in alternate scripts folder
-"Revived" track sounds
-Reworked the radio chatter, so it takes less memory. This comes at the cost of the older radio chatters being parted into multiple files to make shorter sound clips, as the FMOD compression has the tendency to give insane size to soundbanks containing long audio files. Parting them up decreased the size significantly.
-Added a few new radio transmissions to Russian and American tanks
-Improved the sound of the M-17 engines

With radio

Download Gnomefather Engines 0.7

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.7 without radio

Download without

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Layout

#UPDATE: The layout is now finished, and in use. I hope you all will appreciate the work my gf has done! :)

For those visiting right now, there's a new layout in the making. Don't mind the undersized background picture.
It's just a placeholder