Saturday, December 19, 2015

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9671(0.9.13v2)

-Corrected  Birch Gun script
-Corrected displayed penetration values of plenty of guns

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9671(0.9.13v2)

Download without

-Compatibility with 0.9.13
-Added autoloading 100mm and 75mm sound for Czechoslovak tanks

Monday, October 12, 2015

HR Gun Sound Mod 1.9655(0.9.10v5)

-Sorry for all the fuck ups. ;_;
This better work. I have done testing, and nothing points out to this not working. If so, I recommend you to delete the "item_defs" folder in "res_mods/0.9.10/scripts/" before reinstalling the mod.

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9655(0.9.10v5)

Download without

Sunday, October 11, 2015

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9654(0.9.10v4b)

-Fixed the stupid broken shot_effects.xml
-Hopefully this should all work fine now. I took the stable v2 and applied all the changes of later versions on this one, redoing all the scripts changes


Saturday, October 3, 2015

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9653(0.9.10v3)

It should be working now

-Fixed the missing visual effects of pre-game artillery strikes
-Changed scripts for 90mm US guns to sound better


Friday, October 2, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.71 (0.9.10v3)

New in 0.7
-Added sound for Spz I. C(from videoclips of the Kurz which is pretty much the same chassis and engine)
-New sound for Meadows engines at around 100 hp
-New sound for Covenanter Meadows engine
-New engine sound for T-26 and the Chinese Vickers 6 Ton
-New engine for the Armstrong Siddely engines of the low tier British tanks
-New exclusive sound for M46 Patton's top engine
-Old T-26 engine sound appliqued on the GAZ soviet engines
-Added turbo to the M17 engine of the Obj 212A
-Improved the turbo-whistle for soviet engines.
-Corrected the bugged AEC engine
-Changed/improved the sound of the Liberty engines
-Steamengine for stock KV-4 engine is now made optional instead

With radio
Download Gnomefather's engines 0.71 (0.9.10v3)

Download without

Without radio
Download Gnomefather's engines 0.71(0.9.10v3) without radio

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WoT RU PR manager

Теперь у меня новый представитель на RU WoT кластере, который занимается переводами и так же модами. Его зовут Роман Пичурин, ник в игре на ру серверах "ath4".
Тема на РУ форуме созданная Lemon96 не являеется обновляемой или активной, из-за невозможности связи с автором

I now have a proper PR manager for the RU WoT community that takes care of translations and such regarding the mods, named Roman Pichurin or "ath4" ingame.
The thread on RU forum created by Lemon96 is not updated anymore due to inactivity from the user

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.7 (0.9.10v2)

New in 0.7
-New sound for the Leyland engines of the Matilda
-New sound for the Bedford engines of the Churchill tank.
-New sound for Type 62 and other tanks sharing similar engine(12150L3, Type 102)
-New sound for french light tanks and low tier artillery.
-Old ELC sound added as alternative script, including the FV304 now.
-Added sound for M4 Revalorisé
-Added alternate M551 Sheridan sound for T49(also including M41 Walker Bulldog, M44 and T69 due to sharing top engine) found in alternate scripts folder
-"Revived" track sounds
-Reworked the radio chatter, so it takes less memory. This comes at the cost of the older radio chatters being parted into multiple files to make shorter sound clips, as the FMOD compression has the tendency to give insane size to soundbanks containing long audio files. Parting them up decreased the size significantly.
-Added a few new radio transmissions to Russian and American tanks
-Improved the sound of the M-17 engines

With radio

Download Gnomefather Engines 0.7

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.7 without radio

Download without

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Layout

#UPDATE: The layout is now finished, and in use. I hope you all will appreciate the work my gf has done! :)

For those visiting right now, there's a new layout in the making. Don't mind the undersized background picture.
It's just a placeholder

Friday, August 28, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.63

-Compatibility with 0.9.10
-Added engine sound for the dual Type 98 engines for Japanese heavies
-Added new sound for Object 140 that is from a T-72
-Gave the old Object 140 sound to the Object 416

With Radio
Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.63

Download without

Without Radio
Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.63 without radio

Download without

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9651

-Fixed some missing gun sounds

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9651

Download without

-Compatibility with 0.9.10
-Added 140mm canon sound

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.965

Download without

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.62

-Compatibility with 0.9.9
-Added Cummins engine(just using the T110 engine. Will try to get some sound from a M50/M51 "Super Sherman" when I can)

With radio

Without radio

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gnomefather's Engine sounds 0.612

-Atempt at trying to make some of the missing tank sounds work
Just want to tell that this is an issue I can't guarantee I will always have fixed, as to me, the mentioned engines all work fine with sound, but to some, they don't. So don't blame me.
-Also, I forgot to mention in other changelog, but the LTTB and the AMX-30's should have engine sound too now.

With Radio

New in 0.61
-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-Some minor tweaks to the Tiger engine and Russian V-12 engines

With Radio

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

-Freezing at the beginning of a battle should be fixed now

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

Download without

I suggest to do this if you want to play WoT with my sound mods:
1. Delete all the nation folders in "res_mods/0.9.8/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/"
2. Download this: res_mods for HRGS 1.963 (without
3. Put the downloaded folder into the main WoT folder
I can't do much now as I have a final tomorrow
The thing about this is that some cannons will have default sound.

-Hopefully no more stopping at loading screen

Download HR Gun Sounds 1.9631

Download without

-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-A few tweaks that I can't even remember

Sunday, February 15, 2015

HR Gun Sound Mod 1.951

-Added missing gun sounds on some tanks(CDC, Panther 88)
-Renewed most of the vehicles .xml scripts
-Tweaked some sounds so they are better
-Returned the old tracer sound for 105mm artillery, and instead gave the new tracer sound to 122mm-152mm artillery

Download HR Sound Mod 1.951

Download without

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.59

I love you, Mae <3
Mahal kita <3

-Compatibility with 0.9.6
-Should fix missing sound of Conqueror, JagdPanzer 38(known in WoT as Hetzer. Sorry, I am just history freak), and MT-25+LTTB
-Finally found a way to return track sounds
-New(useless) sound for the Renault UE 57

With radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.59

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines without radio 0.59

Download without

HR gun sound mod 1.95

I love you, Mae <3
Mahal kita. <3

New in 1.95
-Lot's of sounds has been enhanced by adding some sounds from War Thunder. This includes:
American 120mm guns(except for M58 and T179), most long 90mm guns with penetration at atleast 170mm, 100mm french guns, 107mm guns, Japanese 75mm Type 4(and higher tier) guns, and 105mm artillery guns. Also improved the 122mm D-25 gun sound, but it's barely noticeable,
-Changed sounds of 45mm and 50mm guns
-New sound for large caliber shells'(below 152mm) explosion, as they previously sounded the same as high caliber shells hitting the ground
-New tank hit sound for artillery shells, to make them sound more scary than they did before. Or I am not sure about this one. Please give feedback.
-New tracer sound for 105mm artillery
-Unique sound for 100mm LB-1 has been removed and changed to the one used for 100mm D10, as it sounded crap, and those guns are pretty identical anyway.
-Compatibility with 0.9.6

Download HR sound mod 1.95

Download without