Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gnomefather's Engines 0.483

Gnomefather's engines 0.483 is out!

-Modified the V5F, V2-KT and V2-SN to sound more like what they were described as in real life:
D.I. Osadchiy writes in his memoirs: “In the fall of 1941, we received several KV tanks as reinforcements, one of which was named “For the Motherland”. A single one was made at the Kirov factory. It had all abilities of the KV tank, but had thicker armour, weighed 100 tons, and had a more powerful engine with a turbine. It made a whistling sound at high gears, like a Junkers diving. We would even get air raid warnings in the first few days when it was moving around the brigade."
 It's about the KV-220 which used the V5F, but I assume the V2-SN sounded the same, and the V2-KT is not really historically realistic on that tank


Download Gnomefather's Engines with radio 0.483

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Without radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.483 without radio

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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gnomefather's GUI sound v0.13

Gnomefather's GUI sound v0.13 is out!

New stuff:
-Added Bundeswehr and Chinese versions.
-Added sound when tanks are spotted.
-Added some more sounds to the base capture.
-Changed Minimap and command sound.

Download Gnomefather's GUI sounds v0.13 now!

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.853

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.853 is out!

-The E-75's 105mm guns should have sounds now!
-Added other missing sounds
-Optimised the hit sounds.
-Corrected some stuff.
-Added a tutorial on how to change gun sounds!

Download Historical Realism gun sound mod v1.853

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Gnomefather's Engines 0.482

Gnomefather's engines 0.482 is out!

-Fixed the rather loud engine sound for the Objekt 140.
-Fixed missing sound of both T7 Combat car and Chi-Nu Kai.
-Added a tutorial on how to change engine sounds.

With radio

Download Gnomefather's engines 0.482

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's engines 0.482 without radio

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