Tuesday, April 15, 2014

HR Sound mod 1.946 + Objekt 907 hotfix

I love you, Mae <3
Mahal kita. <3

This hotfix isn't necessary unless you got the Objekt 907 and can't load shells.

Download Objekt 907 hotfix

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.5

Download HR Gun Sound 1.946

Download without adf.ly

-Should solve the freezes at some battles.

Download HR Gun Sound 1.9451

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.4
-Some 50mm German guns should now work
-New sound for 76mm American guns, and 152mm XM-81

Download HR Sound mod 1.945

Download without adf.ly

-Now works with the micropatch that introduces the Fury Easy Eight

-T29 should now have Marks of Excellence

-m103.xml fixed!
-Same with Birch Gun
-ISU 152 and Obj. 704 should have sound now
-Corrected gun weight on Chaffee
-Applied new destruction sounds for dead crew, ramming, and drowning

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.3
-Fixed 59-16's missing gun sound

Download HR sound mod 1.944

Download without adf.ly

1.9433 hotfix WARNING: Requires 1.9431 to work but not 1.9432
-Corrected the sound of the 105mm L52 gun
-Marks of Excellence should work on the T29

Download HR sound mod 1.9433 Hotfix

Download without adf.ly

1.9432 hotfix WARNING: Requires 1.9431 to work
-Fixed the messed up camo of the StuG III

Download 1.9432 hotfix

Download without adf.ly

-Corrected the location of the gun sound
-Fixed the missing artillery tracer
-Corrected some guns that had wrong sound
-VK45.02(P) ausf. B finally have a working 105mm gun sound

Download HR sound mod 1.9431

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.2
-Improved some tank death sounds

Download HR sound mod 1.943

Download without adf.ly

1.9421 hotfix. NEEDS 1.942
-Fixed the missing sound of the Pz Sfl IV's and Panther
-marxz af eggselense on helkat :D:D:D:D:D

Download HR hotfix 1.9421

Download without adf.ly

-New sound for long 105mm guns that is not tier 10 guns
-marx of eggselense now work :D:D:D:D
-Fixed many missing gun sounds
-Improved the 122mm_ch sound event.

Download HR sound mod 1.942

Download without adf.ly

-Fixed the Birch Gun

Download HR sound mod 1.941

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.1
-New ammo rack explosion sound

Download HR sound mod 1.94

Download without adf.ly

1.93 Hotfix
-Fixes the missing sound of the 152mm ML20 on the KV-2

Download Hotfix for 1.93

Download without adf.ly

-The "Bell of Doom" sound of the KV-4's long 107mm has gotten a slight change when it comes to its audibility over distance. The results gives me the chills.
-Updated to the newer effects.
-Slight tweaks.
-Changed some of the ammorack explosion sound.

Download Historical Realism Gun sound mod 1.93

Download without adf.ly

-FINALLY fixed the problem with the massive stuttering in battles. Not sure if it is gone on the first battles you play after you have booted your PC. This does, however, come at the cost of a slight FPS decrease in the first battles you play after you have launched the game.
-Fixed missing sound effects of the 90mm on Hellcat, 25pdr and the 32pdr.
-Redid alot of maximum playbacks on effects, so it is more memory friendly.

Download Historical Realism Gun sound mod 1.9

Download without adf.ly

-Compatibility with 0.9.0
-...which means all the effects have new cool lighting stuff.

Download Historical Realism Gun sound mod 1.9

Download without adf.ly


  1. I hear some effect are increased three times more than the another...like explosion. Whats wrong?

  2. @treumatic, that's Wargaming changing the volume level of certain sounds ingame.

  3. find ! but hit sound doesnt work ,kriegstreiber work hard on this problem ,solution coming soon see the kriegstreiber forum topic here : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/239657-090-wwiihwa-gunsounds-upd-16042014/page__st__900#topmost

  4. BIG PROBLEM! HUGE bug- playing the M41 arty random battles, or the Jackson in historical battles causes game crashes! Don't know, yet if more tanks are included- but you can play some minutes, and suddenly the game crashes as long as the match goes on! If you want to restart, it crash immediately again, until the match is over, as I said.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. So I'm updating the infos: even more issues with other tanks are known know... my friends told,Tiger1 and 112 prem tank are also included, too! I tested it, and it's sadly true...
      Never had such problems with your mod before- need bug fixes fast!! p_p

    3. This isn't due to Gnomefather's mod, it's a problem with the 9.0 update. Game runs out of memory and goes kaput. Give the devs at WG time to fix it.

    4. @ Aaron:
      goes "kaput" xD You're german, too?
      Well actually I had this issues after I installed the mod- and it was the only mod "we" installed- so I really thought, it's the gun sound mod- if it's not, I'm sry, if I said something wrong.
      trying out the updated version now. Still very grateful for this awesome atmospheric mod!

  5. It seems that since 9.0 some tank skinz (Tiger eg) are messed up by the mod. The camo looks wierd at the gun barrel. Without the mod the skin/camo looks just fine. Any info on this?

  6. here is a screenshot regarding the above mentioned graphic bug:

  7. Hello, there is a bug with the Marder 38T guns, after installing your gun mod it shows incorrect penetration values and names for the guns.

    The top gun is ok, but the IV and V guns are mixed up and also the penetration/damage values are all wrong, also the order is wrong (in tech tree and garage gun selection). Could you please check and fix the issue?

    Correct values (vanilla):

    Tier IV 1,62 mc Pak 36 (r) - reported as stock gun (on bottom of the list)
    12,5-16,7 rounds/min; Average Damage: 115/115/165
    Average Penetration: 96/166/38 mm

    Tier V 7,5 cmPak 40/2 L/46 - reported as middle gun
    12,5-17,6 rounds/min; Average Damage: 110/110/175
    Average Penetration: 108/154/38 mm

    Wrong values (after installing mod)

    Tier IV 7,5 cmPak 40/2 L/46 - reported as stock gun, wrong tier, wrong tier, pen and damage values, even wrong position on tech tree and gun selection in garage
    12,5-17,6 rounds/min; Average Damage: 110/110/175
    Average Penetration: 98/126/38 mm

    Tier V 1,62 mc Pak 36 (r) - reported as middle gun, wrong tier, wrong tier, pen and damage values, even wrong position on tech tree and gun selection in garage
    12-16,7 rounds/min; Average Damage: 115/115/165
    Average Penetration: 118/158/38 mm

  8. the graphical bug I mention above is still existent in 1.93. Any news on this?

  9. Is it still necessary to put fev and feb files in res/audio ?

  10. the graphical bug I mention above is still existent in 1.94. Any news on this?

  11. the sound for 90MM gun M3 is missing
    (M6 top gun and teh 90MM on T29)

  12. Could you look into the 8,8cm PaK L/56 (JagdPz IV top gun, JagdPanther second gun) because I have no sounds when shooting. Also it is mentioned as "_88mm_PaK_36_L56" in the guns.xml however it doesn't have the "36" in its name ingame. Maybe copypaste mistake?

  13. Dear Gnomefather, when you update its wonderful sound modes under 0.9.2?

    Can not hear the standard sound design! Ears wilt! WG can not or do not want to work with sound in the game! Do not offer you their services WG?

    For the third patch only play with your modifications! Without your sound design of the game is not the same! Drug ...

  14. Did the 105mm gun sounds on german tanks change ? i hear the sound that the usual tierX mediums use not the newer one.

  15. Dear Gnomefatner, thank you for your wonderful sound modes)

  16. Great mod. Just a little feedback:

    The 50/L60 gun sound on the PzIII seem to be far too weak, mch weaker than in 9.1.

  17. Dear Gnomefather, your sounds much better than the standard! One talented person replaces a department rams that during the existence of the game can not do anything with audio. It is impossible to play without your sounds !!!

    Developers have seen your mod? In their place I would include your experience in the game is based, they are noticeably improve the game! I even wish I could help you with that!

    Please update your mod to 0 9 3!!!

    1. Developers has seen, but they think it's not good, because it's too noisy.

  18. There seems to be some problems with m103.xml
    I stuck at "updating crew" every time I select M103 in the garage.
    Everything works fine after I deleted m103.xml

  19. Gmae crashes randomly at high tier battles. Some files related to high tier tank seem to be an issue. Did not figured yet if engine or gun files cause it and what vehicle does it relate to.

  20. Game crashes randomly with GUN files. If installing, only engines files, are ok!

  21. Birch gun bugged in latest version, prduces game crashes and loading screen freezes.

  22. Thanks for this wonderful mod.

    Just a little feedback to version 1.9441: German gun 50mm/L60 on the PzIII sounds very weak (silent) in 3rd person view and extremely weak (nearly unhearable) in 1st person view.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. looks like the Fury E8 ruin the mod...

  25. Same here. Game crashes on start-up. Python.log complains about "unknown name" when trying to find the 76 mm gun M1A2A of the Sherman Fury.

    Regards Sgt_Hawk

  26. Hi there,
    just a little feedback to 1.9422: The 75L/70 gun on the STUGIII sounds very weak(low volume).

  27. I am getting stuck in loading screen in 1.9541!! (mostly SU-85 and Jgpz IV)

  28. When many tanks shooting together, fps going down ( from 35 to 12), only when I use HRGSM. :( Why?

  29. The 3p gun sound of the T26E4 SuperPershing is too quiet and it has japanese or chinese radio

  30. I love your mod but another thing is that the 8,8cm on the new Panther 8,8 has still its default sound, not your sound.

  31. South Korea itnya can add it there is a separate tank pc room?


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