Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.59

I love you, Mae <3
Mahal kita <3

-Compatibility with 0.9.6
-Should fix missing sound of Conqueror, JagdPanzer 38(known in WoT as Hetzer. Sorry, I am just history freak), and MT-25+LTTB
-Finally found a way to return track sounds
-New(useless) sound for the Renault UE 57

With radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines 0.59

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's Engines without radio 0.59

Download without


  1. Hello! I tried to install your mods on a clean install of WOT. It does not work. Any ideas you can give me?

    1. I reinstalled everything. Now it is working. I think that another mod (maybe one in jove modpack or the cave garaje) deleted or changed something. Engine and gun sounds didnt play.
      Thank you for your support and most of all for your work.
      It is great and it changes everything in game.

  2. you are best man !! so fast update 9.6

  3. Hello Gnomefather.
    I don't know if this is the right way but I couldn't find any other.
    There is a small bug in you engines mod.
    The module description for the stock engine (Continental AOS-895-1) in the T37 American Light Tank is bugged.
    It should be
    -Tier VI 450hp 756kg
    but displays
    -Tier VII 500hp 256kg

    Thank you for your great work and I hope you keep having fun with it so we can have fun with your mods

  4. thank you for ur great mod.

    Just a little suggestion: As you offer two variants, one with radio chatter and one without, couldnt the one with radio chatter have that feature a bit louder?

    It's so sad that this funky radio chatter is only berely hearable. There appears to be next to no difference between the two versions.