Friday, October 2, 2015

Gnomefather's Engines 0.71 (0.9.10v3)

New in 0.7
-Added sound for Spz I. C(from videoclips of the Kurz which is pretty much the same chassis and engine)
-New sound for Meadows engines at around 100 hp
-New sound for Covenanter Meadows engine
-New engine sound for T-26 and the Chinese Vickers 6 Ton
-New engine for the Armstrong Siddely engines of the low tier British tanks
-New exclusive sound for M46 Patton's top engine
-Old T-26 engine sound appliqued on the GAZ soviet engines
-Added turbo to the M17 engine of the Obj 212A
-Improved the turbo-whistle for soviet engines.
-Corrected the bugged AEC engine
-Changed/improved the sound of the Liberty engines
-Steamengine for stock KV-4 engine is now made optional instead

With radio
Download Gnomefather's engines 0.71 (0.9.10v3)

Download without

Without radio
Download Gnomefather's engines 0.71(0.9.10v3) without radio

1 comment:

  1. Gnome can you investigate grosstraktor engine sound?
    It has sound from BT-7 and similar ones , i would be more than thankful i you will give back the ones from leichtraktor. I doesn't feel right when driving this monster :) . Thanks for awesome mod and keep up the good work.