Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gnomefather's Engine sounds 0.612

-Atempt at trying to make some of the missing tank sounds work
Just want to tell that this is an issue I can't guarantee I will always have fixed, as to me, the mentioned engines all work fine with sound, but to some, they don't. So don't blame me.
-Also, I forgot to mention in other changelog, but the LTTB and the AMX-30's should have engine sound too now.

With Radio

New in 0.61
-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-Some minor tweaks to the Tiger engine and Russian V-12 engines

With Radio


  1. No sound of engines in new French tanks, which do not have cars such as the Soviet is3 , ISU 152. This mod is why it does not start with the other modes to boot ... stops a fight, hear the sound of the engine and the image is not only the boot screen . Thanks in advance . P.S. I wrote through Google translator :)

  2. OK Magnus, keep up the good work.

    Please get the engine mod working 100%. Just installed your latest gun mod, so far no problems


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  4. After the update it works fine...thank you for your brilliant work Gnome.
    Before you updated it, I had the problem, that a few tanks had no sound, if I changed over to allied tanks (after dead) and in the sniperview was no sound.
    But now works all fine...thanks again and greetings to norway.

  5. bishop, gr1, ram2... and some tanks no sound. We waiting you. Thank you :)

    1. still not work some tanks (bishop, matilda, is, ram2, gr1, fv304 and more...) i cant play with stock sounds :) you will uptade?

  6. I don't know if it's engine or gun mod, but when I am joining a battle with KV-2 (so far) they won't let me see acces battle. I have just this loading screen + I can see players health indicator moving around and my crosshair in the left upper corner of the screen. I needed to uninstall your mods to get the game working again.

    Shame because I liked your mods very much.

    Please fix this shit.

  7. Hi MAte, will this be updated for wot 9.9? I cant play the game without this fantastic engine mod :)

  8. Hey when will the new ubdate without is playing sound bleak