Thursday, May 28, 2015

HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

-Freezing at the beginning of a battle should be fixed now

Download HR Gun Sound mod 1.9632

Download without

I suggest to do this if you want to play WoT with my sound mods:
1. Delete all the nation folders in "res_mods/0.9.8/scripts/item_defs/vehicles/"
2. Download this: res_mods for HRGS 1.963 (without
3. Put the downloaded folder into the main WoT folder
I can't do much now as I have a final tomorrow
The thing about this is that some cannons will have default sound.

-Hopefully no more stopping at loading screen

Download HR Gun Sounds 1.9631

Download without

-Compatibility with 0.9.8
-A few tweaks that I can't even remember


  1. a file is not going to get to play just do not load into the game

  2. The update didn't fix the problem, I'm still getting stuck on the loading screen.

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  4. Still freezes mate, please fix it

  5. Yes, this mod causes my game client to hang at battle loading screen. I can see tank markers but not map. I can hear sound effects but cannot move or fire. This problem started with the 9.7 version of WoT

  6. My best guess is a syntax error in one of the XML files in : "res_mods\0.9.8\scripts\item_defs\vehicles"

  7. Latest update to the res_mods bit fixed the problem. Thank you sir!

  8. does not work,stopping at loading screen

  9. Sorry - still stopping at loading screen :(

  10. Sorry - still stopping at loading screen :(

  11. do you use "res_mods for HRGS 1.963 (without" by itself or with "HR Gun Sound mod 1.9631" also?

  12. Same here, loading screen remains after the round has begun

  13. Its seems like one mod doenst work with the other.
    gunsounds working with the vehicle fixing.
    without gunsounds i have enginge sounds on many tanks, others doenst make noises, just the tracks are loud.
    with gunsounds and engine sounds i dont hear any engine more. :(
    crazy shit

    thx 4 all the work

  14. 10 battle no error
    Great work .
    A thanks for the great sound .

  15. No problems whit this.. I donwonloaded the one without adfly and did the res folder backup

    I will download the engines mod and see if that works with this mod without problem.

    Thanks :D

  16. During the copy past in the "audio" folder I lost some file I thnik, in battle I don't hear anymore sounds when tanks are destroyed, only the hit sound. The same happens if I use the original sounds, what did I do? can you help me? thanks

  17. I don't know if it's engine or gun mod, but when I am joining a battle with KV-2 (so far) they won't let me see acces battle. I have just this loading screen + I can see players health indicator moving around and my crosshair in the left upper corner of the screen. I needed to uninstall your mods to get the game working again.

    Shame because I liked your mods very much.

    Please fix this shit.

  18. Repair the Historical Realistic Gun Sound Mod (Echoes of War) / Gnomefather's Gun / Guderiam1979 and Gnomefather's Engines to please update 9.15.1. Is there any chance of that happening ??? If the answer is "no" then that other mods are equivalent to those mentioned above. I want mods with shooting effects, cartridge falling to the ground after the shooting, sound next cartridge being reloaded, final sound reload and sound real engines. Anyone know of any mod that offers that described above and is compatible with the update 9.15.1 of WoT ??? Thanks.