Sunday, November 3, 2013

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.853

Historical Realism Gun Sound mod 1.853 is out!

-The E-75's 105mm guns should have sounds now!
-Added other missing sounds
-Optimised the hit sounds.
-Corrected some stuff.
-Added a tutorial on how to change gun sounds!

Download Historical Realism gun sound mod v1.853

Download without


  1. Once again this mod makes WoT brilliant - a question though. The empty shell sound for the Marder 2 is now gone, and the Marder3 sounds like a stock sound. Are you planning to put the sound of shell rolling on the floor back in?


  2. will you some patch change the sound gun of E-100 on 150mm?

  3. The E50 105mm sound and the Tiger 2 105 sound are still missing...

    1. I stand corrected, it's the Tiger 2 & Jagdpanther (1) sound for 105 that are missing. Gnomefather, can you confirm?

    2. Works fine for me and many others.

      Try reinstalling the game.

  4. it brings me to mega upload and only shows an M in the middle of the screen... why can others get it but i just see that?

  5. Lorraine 40 t engine idling sound has a problem: you can hear someone moving/bumping the microphone.

  6. The Birch Gun doesn't have gun sound at all. Very silent *puff* like sound can be heard only. Has been confirmed by 2 other people too.

  7. Dear MasterOfEngineSound! Your work is the Best! We use it with all our friends in Russia, because your engine sounds is better than developers! (Even KV4 with locomotive sounds :) ) Please adapt your mod for new update 0.9.6. Previous unfortunately didn't work :( Thank a lot!