Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gnomefather's Engines 0.482

Gnomefather's engines 0.482 is out!

-Fixed the rather loud engine sound for the Objekt 140.
-Fixed missing sound of both T7 Combat car and Chi-Nu Kai.
-Added a tutorial on how to change engine sounds.

With radio

Download Gnomefather's engines 0.482

Download without

Without radio

Download Gnomefather's engines 0.482 without radio

Download without


  1. Is it possible to make the Surround like in Kriegstreibers Enginemod? I hate it if i zoom in and the sound just comes from behind. I think Kriegstreiber has disabled the surround in 5 Meter range round the Tank and he has told how he has get the startsounds ;-)

    1. The surround setup is exactly like KS's mods(he helped me with it)

  2. Type 64 engine sound is missing, or at least it sounds like it's using the vanilla sound. The engine in Type 64 is Continental AOSI-895-5